Michigan Doctor Offers Advice for Reducing the Risk of Infection When Shopping and Bringing Home Groceries

Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen of Family Medicine Specialists in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers incredibly helpful advice for reducing the risk of infection while performing necessary grocery shopping.

Using practices that are standard for operation rooms, Dr. VanWingen explains how to disinfect a grocery cart and gives tips about being in the store itself. He then demonstrates how to effectively sterilize the groceries that come into the house. He also offers advice about food delivery.

I’m going to help you reduce your risk as you go out into the marketplace. Now they say that desperate times call for desperate measures and these times are unprecedented, but I believe there is a precedent that we use in the medical field called ‘sterile technique’ that can reduce risk as you go out in the marketplace. We use it to perform surgeries – to be in sterile environments so that we don’t give infections to our patients.