A Tiny Red Squirrel and a Beautiful Tuxedo Cat Enjoy a Good Life Together With Their Beloved Rescuer

A tiny red squirrel was rejected by his mother after falling four stories into the Danish garden of a big hearted human. That human, Decan Andersen and his two cats, Coco and her brother Tiger, welcome the injured baby squirrel into their home, named him Tintin, nursed him back to health and created a beautiful life together.

Aside from Andersen, it was Coco who really understood what this fragile little creature needed from the start. Sadly, Coco passed away in August 2016, but Tintin, Tiger and Andersen carry on in her memory.

His mother came down and had a look at him. She smelled him, pushed him around a little and probably decided he was done for. …Whatever the cause, she left and he was left to the elements. My heart couldn’t bear that so I quickly scooped him up off the cold, wet grass. I then contacted my local vet and the wildlife preservation for advice on the situation. Whilst I was doing this, I put him next to my female cat Coco who was laying on the floor. She immediately understood the situation and started to wash and clean him. Once he was clean, she then cuddled up next to him to keep him warm.

Here’s the beautiful video made in memory of the beloved Coco

Tintin and Tiger

How and when Tintin was first rescued.