Wonderful Ceramic Mugs That Look Like They Were Fashioned Out of Recycled Cardboard

Tim Kowalczyk, an Illinois artist who specializes in trompe l’oeil ceramics, has created a line of absolutely amazing cups, mugs and tumblers that look like they were fashioned out of recycled cardboard.

Pathetic, absurd, antiquated, banal or even garbage are words that best describe the objects I am drawn to. These types of objects hold my attention because of the stories they can tell and what they can mean. Many times I find objects at thrift stores, yard sales or the side of the road. I am collector, picker and poet that sculpts, forms, designs and constructs sculptures with sense of purpose, priority, and preciousness. I want people to see the beauty and narrative that is held within simple overlooked objects.

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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