Rescued Rats Learn How to Drive Their Custom Cars

A pair of rescued rats named Kuzko and Kronk have learned how to drive tiny custom-built motorized cars with the help of their humans. They each get about 10 minutes in the car and are supervised 100% of the time.

We work with them 1:1 for an average of 10 minutes at a time to maximise focus

Their human explained that this is part of an enrichment program to keep these mischievous boys entertained.

Rats are very clever creatures and thrive on mental stimulation, problem solving, tasty+healthy treats, and the company of other rats. …Then, a couple months ago, my amazing dad surprised us with the rat rods!

Rat Driving Car

They Were Inspired by the Rats at University of Richmond

In 2019, a team of psychology researchers at the University of Richmond published research about teaching rats to drive. The results of this important research may inform future strategies for mental health treatments. And the work has continued, with new cars and new components added to the equation. 

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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