Radiooooo, An Interactive Music Player That Lets Users Pick the Decade and Global Location of Songs

Radiooooo is a really fun interactive player that’s designed to let users not only choose a station but the decade, mood and the global location of the music of a specific era. Based out of Paris, the founding team members have created a musical time machine of sorts using music sourced through user input. Radiooooo is available as an iPhone and Android app or can be listened to via their website.

Once on the map, select a country and a decade and let the music play. All tracks have been discovered by users from all over the world and you can contribute by sending us your treasures too!


The folks of Radiooooo are also planning their next level experience with Le Globe – a standalone device that puts the music of the world at a user’s fingertips with an interactive 3D replication of Earth. has decided to take one step further in our quest to travel through time and space. We have decided to create an actual time machine! But not just for us, for everyone. Le Globe is automatically connected to Radioooo’s database so that your ears can be carried away into an infinite world of musical discoveries, curated with love by a crew of passionate melomaniacs. But we need your help to bring Le Globe to life!

via Open Culture

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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