Kind Man Rescues Forlorn Raccoon Stuck in Dumpster

Joe Rocco, a rescuer with The Broken Antler in Riverhead, New York went to great lengths to rescue a forlorn raccoon stuck inside a dumpster.

First thing in the morning, this little guy was wedge in there

It was his first call of the day when he saw a little Procyon head sticking out from the garbage. It turns out that she had gotten herself wedged under discarded metal. Rocco first attempted to remove her with vegetable oil but it didn’t work.

Nothing like lubing up a raccoon first thing in the morning. …Nothing like being in the corner of a dumpster with a very aggravated, scared fat raccoon

He then tried a pry bar. That didn’t work either. He then brought out his Sawzall and, in combination with his pry bar, set the pudgy raccoon free. She didn’t realize she was being rescued and ran away the second she was freed.

Tried everything that I had, as a pry bar in the trunk. …Just trying to bend the metal in the front where her head is. …What worked against me is that she’s trying to get away so she’s not backing out, she’s trying to go forward. I’m like Felix the Cat, seriously, I have everything in the truck because I’ll never know what I’m gonna need. I had to bust out my DeWalt Sawzall.