Trusting Raccoon Brings Her Babies to Meet Her Favorite Human Every Year

Brittany of Paradise for Paws Rescue spoke about her relationship with a resident raccoon named Roxy who brings her babies to meet Brittany and her family every year.

Raccoon brings her new babies to meet this woman every single year

Brittany said that Roxy essentially came with the house that she bought. The previous residents had told Brittany about Roxy, but Brittany felt that she needed to form her own friendship with the semi-wild raccoon. As soon as the bond was developed, Roxy started hanging out in the yard waiting to be fed.

When Roxy first got pregnant, she brought her babies over to meet Brittany. When she had subsequent litters the following years, Roxy would bring the whole brood to see her favorite human. When Brittany had her daughter, she wanted to return the favor.

Roxy first introduced her baby to me oh my God it was such a special moment I could tell just how much she trusted me.…Roxy has a litter every single year and it’s become sort of a tradition at this point when they visit. …even Roxy’s daughter Penelope introduced her own babies to us. Last year when I had my child it meant so much to be able to return the favor. 

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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