The Members of Queen Talk About Their Upcoming 1985 Live Aid Gig Backstage Before a Stage Rehearsal

In the few days before their incredibly powerful performance at Live Aid in 1985, the members of the legendary band Queen sat down with an interviewer to talk about the gig before a rehearsal for the show at the Shaw Theatre in London.

The conversation involved why they decided to perform, what songs they were planning to play, how they would play without their usual effects and the spirit of competitiveness with the other bands. The interviewer also asked a question about egos, to which they all responded with a shake of the head and a laugh.

…No we’re not all wonderfully well behaved kids, are we? I guess but that’s that’s going to sort of actually be the nice part of it actually there’d be lots of friction and we’re all gonna try and outdo each other. We’ll just go out and play.

And play, they did. Quite impressively at that.