Picasso, A Unique Little Puppy With an Adorably Lopsided Face That Goes In Different Directions

A sweet pitbull-terrier mix puppy named Picasso at Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, is a truly unique little guy. Picasso was born with a facial deformity that makes parts of his adorably goofy little face appear to be going in different directions.

Aside from being a messy eater Picasso is an absolute sweetheart who loves peanut butter. Picasso and his brother Pablo, who were both turned over by a backyard breeder who could not sell them, will be up for adoption after they are checked out by the vet, although the demand is quite high.

Pablo and Picasso are VERY sweet and VERY goofy in their own unique ways!We love these special brothers! Picasso has some medical issues we need to work through before the boys will be available for adoption. Please be patient as we’ve had hundreds of inquiries already from interested Adoptors!… Picasso is healthy and not suffering from his birth defect. However, he does have a canine tooth digging into his lower gum due to the misalignment of his jaw that probably does hurt and should come out. …We will keep you all posted on how he’s doing.

via Huffington Post