Teeny Tiny Shepherd Puppy Takes a Very Patient Rescued Horse for a Short Walk Around the Pen

A teeny tiny 8 week old Australian cattle dog named Darla quite confidently grabbed the lead for a beautiful mustang named Doc Holliday and took him for a short walk around the pen. According to their human, Doc is a very patient soul despite a difficult upbringing. Darla just does what instinct tells her to do.

Doc Holliday is a 4-year-old wild mustang who was brought in from the BLM and adopted out to someone who starved him and didn’t treat him well. He was saved by a rescue and then I adopted him and he has become the best horse to let his puppy who weighs almost nothing lead him around for a walk! I called him in to do some exercising with him and she loves playing with the horses so much that she just had to help!