Puppies and Kittens From the Atlanta Humane Society Explore the Georgia Aquarium While It Is Closed

Pups and Kittens visit Aquarium

The Atlanta Humane Society took their adoptable puppies and kittens on separate field trips to explore the Georgia Aquarium while it remains closed to the public. The puppies were introduced to the very big fish and aquatic mammals of the Ocean Voyager habitat, while the kittens were introduced to the colorful tropical fish.

Our puppies just had the best day ever. They got to explore the Georgia Aquarium while it is closed to the public. They made all sorts of exciting discoveries and lots of new friends! …After our puppies got to visit the Georgia Aquarium last week, we couldn’t resist taking our kittens on a field trip too! They couldn’t get enough of the beautiful Tropical Diver exhibit and loooooved the jellies.

Kittens and Puppies of Atlanta Humane Society Visiti Aquarium

Pups and Fish

Puppy and Puffer

Kitten and Jelly

Kitten and Fish