Puddles Pity Party Sings a Simply Heartbreaking Cover of the Classic Tom Waits Song ‘San Diego Serenade’

Puddles Pity Party, the incredible velvet-voiced clown (and fellow Rain Dog) performed a simply heartbreaking cover of the classic Tom Waits song “San Diego Serenade”. As stated, Puddles didn’t vary much from the brilliant original, but his beautiful voice and striking presence added a certain pronounced earnestness that isn’t necessarily conveyed when listening to a recording from 1974.

This was written by Tom Waits for his 1974 album The Heart Of Saturday Night. We didn’t change much on the arrangements. Sometimes a thing is perfect the way it is.

This performance was done for Puddles Pity Party’s live stream on Veeps.

This video is an excerpt from my Sequestered Summertime Streaming Show – Season one on the Veeps platform.