Projection Wall, A Manually Operated Netted Screen That Releases Giant Soap Bubbles When Raised

Kinetic installation artist Rintaro Hara of the Hara Seal Factory of Japan created the “Projection Wall“, a very fun and clever hand operated framed netted wall that releases giant soap bubbles whenever the string is pulled and the wall is raised. Haru stated that he was inspired to create this by the James Cameron film The Abyss.

In this work, when the experiencer pulls the string in front of the frame of the square, it can uplift different walls of the rainbow-colored soap (also a screen and also contents) every time. And it is released as an unfurled solid in the air and eventually disappears. The idea of this work dates back to the representation of water created by Computer Graphics of SF movie “Abyss” by James Cameron (1989). …”Projection wall” inquires about the difference between analog and digital by reducing the expression born by the evolution of the video to an analog method daringly.

via Prosthetic Knowledge

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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