An Explosive Popcorn Popper in Super Slow Motion

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy of The Slow Mo Guys added explosives to a hand-cranked Chinese popcorn popper and captured the reaction in super slow motion. The already-injured Gruchy made sure to stay clear of the shrapnel and the resulting popcorn was a bit chewy.

Popcorn is a pretty entertaining food to make top … yeah I reckon it is the most entertaining food to make. How could it be better? Well how about adding explosions…this is a traditional Chinese popcorn maker. You find them with street vendors in China. Essentially it’s like a pressure cooker but for popcorn.

The pair also tried toasting rice in the popper, with equally amusing results.

Success I think um there two idiots trying to puff stuff in a thing they’ve never used…. We made…two types of burnt food.