An Adorably Quirky, Big Bellied, Polydactyl Cat Who Stands Upright When He’s Hungry Needs a Home

An absolutely adorable, round-bellied, polydactyl rescued homeless Russian blue cat named Bruno, who stands on his back legs when he’s hungry, is as of this date living at the Wright Way Rescue Shelter in Morton Grove, Illinois in search a safe, warm, loving home.

There are some things that interested parties should know about this 25 pound, 7 year old cat. Bruno is a bit lazy, likes to be pet while he’s eating, is on a diet and refuses to drink water unless its away from his food. Other than these quirky inconveniences, Bruno is an easygoing cat who loves the company of people and will do his best to keep up with the conversation.

Hi, my name is Bruno! I am a 7 year-old polydactyl cat who is 25 pounds. There’s a lot of me to love! I am perfectly healthy other than being overweight. I am on a diet, though. …I like to talk to you….a LOT. Be prepared for a chatty kitty! …, I love to be pet while I eat …I also drink a lot of water. I never drink the water in the kitchen where my food is. …Overall, I am a pretty laid back, lazy cat who just wants to be in the presence of my owners. I hear I make them laugh and smile every single day, so I hope I can do the same for you!

Bruno Sitting Down

Bruno in Crate

It looks like Bruno may have a wonderful choice of homes after all.

UPDATE: He has been VERY excited with all of the interest, so he’s taking the time to review all of his adoption applications to see which home he’d like best. He is high maintenance after all! If you haven’t yet, please fill out an online application so he can review over the next week!

via Vice