Clever Pizza Socks With a Variety of Toppings Packaged in Cardboard Pizza Delivery Boxes

4 Pairs Pepperoni Pizza Socks box

Meg Cyprian and her husband of Warsaw, Poland create incredibly cute and very clever cotton socks that look like different flavors of pizza toppings such as pepperoni, vegetarian, capricciosa and Hawaiian. These yummy socks are served either by the slice (1 pair) or pie (4 pairs), then surrounded by a dough made up of beige socks and packaged in their very own pizza style delivery box. These and other “flavors” are available for purchase through Meg Cyrprian’s Etsy Store.

Hand kneaded combed cotton, baked with fresh ingredients in our oven guarantees that your legs will luxuriate every time you wear them. Thanks to their natural components of the floral origin, skin can freely breathe and be protected at the same time from cold and overheating. On the other hand delicate ribbing and a flat stitch Rosso makes socks more enjoyable and comfortable. PIZZA SOCKS not only entertain by its rich flavor but also by its super original look.

4 Flavor Pairs Socks Pizza Box

Veggie Pizza Slice Socks

Italia Pizza Socks

Dough Socks Veggie Pizza Sock

Pizza Socks Slice Box

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