Photos: Same-Sex Couples Getting Hitched at San Francisco City Hall


Love was definitely in the air today at San Francisco City Hall where many same-sex couples wed following the recent historic rulings allowing gay marriage. As I live near San Francisco, I took the opportunity to bring my daughter and some friends to see this amazing history in the making. We watched several weddings (which were all quite touching) and cheered along as each couple got hitched. While watching one couple tie the knot, I met photographer Charlotte Fiorito of We Are Family Photography, a company that specializes in photographing lesbian and gay weddings, who was there taking shots of happy couples for free all weekend.

While she was taking this shot:


I was taking this one of her:

San Francisco City Hall

photo by Rusty Blazenhoff

And right before that, the wedding party celebrated their friends by dancing around them:




She has many more photos at the We Are Family Photography Facebook page.

photos by Charlotte Fiorito of We Are Family Photography, except where noted