A Clever 3D Printed Phone Alarm Robot That Lets Users Feel More Rested After a Good Night’s Sleep

Robot Alarm

In an attempt to overcome his habit of sleeping through his multiple alarms, Mike the CEO of Useless Duck Company decided to build himself a robot for his phone alarm so that he would feel more rested in the morning after being woken up. In the company’s usual impractical style, the robot worked exactly as designed.

I figured I should invent something to fix the problem, so I jumped on the computer and I came up with the design for a new robot. Once the design was ready I sent it over to my 3D printer, printed out all the parts and then all that was left was to put it together. And here it is my 3D printed phone alarm robot. I’ll attach it to a base that holds my phone and then show you how it works.

How it works Robot Alarm Clock

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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