An Insightful Explanation of Philosophical Razors

Flash Bytes offered an insightful and unbiased list of philosophical razors, explaining each with a light sense of humor. He further added that many of these philosophies are more complex than the pithy single sentences used to describe them. He uses the example of the oft-cited Occam’s Razor.

Occam’s razor a philosophical razor that touts the simplest explanation usually is the one that’s right, but it’s actually more fleshed out than that. If you have an event and you have multiple potential explanations for the cause of that event, it is best to choose the least convoluted or complex explanation for the cause of that event.

Philos0phical Razors Explained

He also addresses other famous principles, such as Hume’s Guillotine, Grice’s Razor, Einstein’s Razor, Hanlon’s Razor, Sagan’s Standard, Hitchen’s Razor, Adler’s Razor, and Popper’s Falsifiability Principle, noting that these are all just tools for decision-making rather than ironclad structure.

Remember these are just rules of thumb and rough tools to make decision- making easier. These are not complete laws of logic and remember that any and all claims and belief must always be backed up by evidence

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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