Dedicated Pet Detective Has Found Over 330 Lost Dogs Using a Thermal Imaging Drone

Pet detective Erica Hart finds dogs who have been lost and abandoned in and around Yorkshire, England, using her thermal imaging drone. Her late father had given Hall her first drone, and from there she began her first canine rescue, per her father’s suggestion.

Erica Hart, got her first drone – a DJI Phantom – as a present from her dad, Eric, in April 2018 After practising with it, Eric told Erica there was a dog missing in their local area and suggested she use her drone to help find it. Erica called the owner of the missing dog after spotting a post on social media – a schnauzer that went missing on a walk – and went out to help him find it. Using her drone, she tracked down the pooch who was besides a tree and reunited him with their owner.

Since then, Hart has rescued over 330 dogs. She’s received requests from all over the UK, but she doesn’t like to leave her own dogs alone for too long. This is not a money-making enterprise for Hart; she does it because she loves animals of all kinds.

Erica doesn’t accept a penny for her work and says it is worth it when she sees the look on the owner’s face when they are reunited with their pet…Since I started out, I have found 330 dogs – some have made it and some haven’t. ..I don’t just help find dogs though – I have found, cats, emus, cows and helped mountain rescue locate missing people…It is in my nature to help out.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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