Personal Ink, A Vital Non-Profit That Connects Mastectomy Patients With Qualified Tattoo Artists

Personal Ink (P.Ink) is a wonderful and incredibly necessary service that connects mastectomy patients with qualified tattoo artists who know how to work with the scars of surgery. P.Ink was established in 2013 by design executive and entrepreneur Noel Franus when he learned that his sister-in-law Molly Ortwein was looking for a creative way to heal after breast cancer treatment but didn’t know where to start. Since that time, P.Ink has established a directory of experienced artists from around the world, offers design ideas and holds free tattooing events in multiple cities every year. (short for Personal Ink) connects breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists who can help them move on after a mastectomy. What you may not know is how we do this, or why. …We started in 2013 when my sister in law Molly wanted something more creatively empowering than the options her doctor gave her. Our thinking was that there are millions more Mollys out there, and yet there were no resources online for anyone seeking mastectomy tattoos. …We also curated a collection of stunning mastectomy tattoo ideas and built a directory of artists with mastectomy experience. …Today those resources are still the cornerstone of our service—if you’re excited about the idea of getting a mastectomy tattoo, make it happen: first talk with your doctor. Next, browse our design inspirations, search our artist directory, and do it: hire an artist near you.

Originally an offshoot of a larger company, P.Ink is now a fully operational 501(c)3 and is accepting donations that go towards providing for mastectomy tattoos all year long towards for qualified tattoo seekers.

We’re working with small network of qualified tattoo artists across North America and the rest of the world. Your donations help tattoo-seekers book time with these approved professionals, so that tattoos can happen whenever, wherever it’s convenient for both survivor and the artist. How does the Fund work?
1. A breast cancer survivor seeking a mastectomy tattoo contacts us
2. We match that person with a qualified artist in their area.
3. Your donations pay these artist fees.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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