Improv Everywhere Transforms a Pair of Unused NYC Pay Phone Booths Into Outdoor Coworking Spaces

WeWork Street

Charlie Todd and the NYC comedy collective Improv Everywhere hilariously took a disgusting pair of unusable pay phone booths at 24th Street and 6th Avenue and transformed them into very usable outdoor coworking spaces. A faux WeWork representative who was played by Agent Addie Weyrich, greeted interested pedestrians who were fascinated by the concept and explained why this was such a great deal: “Not only do we offer Starbucks WiFi because we have a partnership with them and also their bathroom codes.”

Agent Deanna Director quite convincingly played the part of a faux WeWork tenant with a laptop and headphones at the ready. While the prank was meant to be ridiculous, a number of people saw the value in such an idea and were even willing to pay $300-$500 per month for the opportunity to rent the space.

For our latest mission, we turned a pair of phone booths on 6th Avenue into coworking spaces. Real New Yorkers were invited to try out the new “WeWork Street” service and learn about the many benefits of outdoor coworking. This project was not a collaboration with WeWork, but we hope they like it and hope they will consider the idea for their ever-expanding empire.

Ready for Business

WeWork Street

Brochure WeWork Street

Why WeWork Street

WeWork Street coffee cart

photos by Arin Sang-urai

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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