Pastry Chef Claire Saffitz Tries to Replicate the Ropy Chewiness in a Healthier Gourmet Version of Twizzlers

In her noble mission to convert commercial sweets into healthier versions, Senior Food Editor and pastry chef Claire Saffitz of the Bon Apétit series Gourmet Makes tried her hand at making an organic version of Twizzlers, her mother’s favorite candy. After four days, many false starts and a “MacGyvered” candy extruder made with a hot glue gun, Saffitz came as close as she possibly could to replicate the ropy chewiness of the original.

yeah so I didn’t quite nail this one the way I nailed the Oreos but I learned a lot along the way and had a lot of fun with the hot glue gun. This one’s a wrap. It’s okay. Four days is our cutoff says me.