Vocal Quaker Parrot Hilariously Recites Tweety Bird’s Famous Line When He Sees a ‘Puddy Tat’

An adorably vocal Quaker parrot named Tango, who was sitting on the kitchen table, quite hilariously quoted the iconic Tweety Bird line “I tawt I taw puddy tat” when he saw his human holding his beloved buddy Diesel the cat. The smiling human then finished the line, replacing the “I” with “you” saying “You did”. Diesel didn’t mind at all as he has been enamored with Tango since he was a kitten.

The cat Diesel has been obsessed with Tango (bird) since he was a kitten and since I must call the names of the other animals around the house often Tango knows all of their names and also calls out commands to them. Diesel is always near the cage and I just started saying “I tawt I saw puddy cat” when he showed up and Tango caught on.

Here’s a wonderful compilation of Tweety Bird saying this famous line over the years.