Paralyzed Cat Races Across Yard in Custom Wheelchair

A brave little rescued cat named HarPURR whose back legs are paralyzed, races around the yard and the house in his custom wheelchair. When he’s not in his chair, HarPURR can be found climbing to the top of his indoor cat tree using his powerful forearms. His human Shannon is very impressed with her cat.

He’s full of spunk and vivacity.  He likes to climb to the ceiling he has no fear and of course he’s never unsupervised. He loves running over into the front yard…he is as energetic as he is and full of life. He also knows to take those moments and he really just soaks in all the air and smells. When he wants to do something nothing gets in his way. He never ceases to amaze me.

When HarPURR first came to them, he was very shy. Luckily, an older dog at Mojo’s Hope was able to mentor him and coax him out of his shell.

We brought him to Mojo’s Hope, which is our rescue. He was spunky from day one. No matter what he was presented with, he just did it. I wanted to make sure he had gotten some socialization in with other animals. I brought our amazing Mama Mentor Cinder. She really helped foster his personality. It was the cutest thing in the universe 

Paralyzed Cat Wheelchair Races