Pampshade, Beautiful Lamps Made Out of Homemade Bread and Other Baked Goods

Former Japanese baker and designer Yukiko Morita has created Pampshade, a wonderful line of uniquely beautiful lamps and lighting designs that are made out of homemade bread. The recipe is very simple, just flour, salt, yeast, specially resin coated LED’s and batteries for power. Additionally, the finished product gets a coating of resin to keep the bread from rotting. These fresh-baked lamps are available for purchase both inside and outside of Japan and come in a variety of styles including baguette, batard, croissant and petit boule, just to name a few.

(translated) Bread has some interesting charms. There are potentials besides just as food. Pampshade is a handmade product made from real bread. It’s completely new interior lamp which meets such charms of bread and warm light. This unique lamp made from tasty bread will lights you warmly.