Owdy, A Parody Social Network ‘Ello Killer’ by Satirical Tech News Site WTFSEO

owdy logo

Satirical tech news site WTFSEO has launched a parody social network — an “Ello killer” — named Owdy. The network is currently invite-only, and appears to only let users set up a profile page for themselves rather than allow any sort of interaction. Owdy seems to largely be a satire of the Internet’s strong reaction to the launch of the new social network Ello which promises to remain free of advertising.

Owdy is a bleeding edge groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, next-level social network game changer built on the premise of synergistic user-centric arrogancy. Owdy knows you don’t give a shit about what your friends post, so Owdy doesn’t let content get in the way of what truly makes for a good social experience: rushing to get your username before everybody else and re-defining who your friends are.

image via WTFSEO