Grounded Travel Photographer Creates Tiny Outdoor Scenes in Her Home Using Items From Her Refrigerator

When outdoor travel writer and photographer Erin Sullivan found herself having to stay indoors, she used what she had at hand to create an ingenious photo series entitled “Our Great Indoors”.

Using what was in her refrigerator, Sullivan took a stroll through “Mushroom Gardens”, a refreshing dip in the waters of “Onion Mountain”, a calming boat ride through an asparagus-lined gelatin lake, a climb over “Sugar Sand Dunes”, a walk through the “Herb Jungle”, and a canoe ride through “Spaghetti Swamp”. Sullivan stated that she plans to continue this series, even after she can start traveling again.

As countries begin conversations about opening up again, many have asked me if I’ll continue this series after quarantine. The answer is yes. These tiny adventures have helped me tremendously during this time, and have made a home for themselves in my body of work. This series has been a lesson in infinite possibility. A reminder that there are creative solutions to be found.

via My Modern Met