Orange Tabby Cat Half-Heartedly Hides From His Human’s Hand While Safe Inside the Bathroom Sink

Marm in Sink

In a throwback video from when he was younger, the orange half of the feline duo Cole and Marmalade hilariously situated himself inside the bathroom sink in a half-hearted effort to hide from human Chris‘ creeping hand. Once Marmalade had himself sufficiently hidden, he couldn’t help but peek his head out when he heard Chris make a noise.

Kinda like a cat reacting to a horror movie, but it’s just Marm in the bathroom sink getting scared of my creepy hand! :) I came across this older clip of Marm and had to share, it’s just so fun to watch! Even now, any noise like wiping your hand along a table or something like that instantly gets his attention!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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