A Marvelous Set of Optical Illusion Playing Cards

Optical Illusion Playing Cards

Illusion d’Optique is a marvelous set of playing cards that feature incredible optical illusions and hypnotic holographic designs that change color with movement. These cards were designed by Gianni Sarcone, whose combination of written word and artistic talent is readily apparent in these cards.

Inside, you’ll find 54 eye-popping original designs created by a master of visual perception, Gianni Sarcone. Watch closely as colors change, shapes transform and static, printed ink seems to come alive. Sarcone has included updated versions of classic illusions, plus innovative new concepts he developed after years of study.

The cards are also available for purchase through Art of Play.

Gianni Sarcone Optical Illusion Cards

Illusion DOptiquejpg

All Hearts Are White

Illusion dOptique 6 Cubes Each

Illusion dOptique Off the Tray

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