‘Oppressed Majority’, A Short Film About a Man Subjected To Gender Harassment In Female Dominated Society

Oppressed Majority (Majorité Opprimée), an incredibly powerful short film by Eléonore Pourriat, focuses on a vulnerable man who is relentlessly harassed and subjected to the sexism and gender-based violence of a female dominated world. Ms. Pourriat made the film in 2010 in an effort to awaken the sleeping voice of feminism.

In France five years ago people asked me if being a feminist was so contemporary. Today no one asks. The feminist fight is more important now. Five years ago I felt like an alien. Now my film is making a buzz because rights are in danger. You see that in Spain with abortion rights. The whole thing about marriage for all, the homophobia and sexism. It is like a black tide today in France. – The Guardian Women’s Blog

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