Opera Singer Performs a Squeaky Aria From ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ After Inhaling Balloon Helium

After an Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) party in 2014, talented opera singer Christina Elizabeth inhaled some helium from one of the leftover balloons and performed “Deh Vieni Non Tardar“from “Le Nozze Di Figaro (“The Marriage of Figaro”)” . The effect was somewhat squeaky, but her powerful voice kept shining through.

After the ISM welcome party, what better to do than use the helium from the **surplus amount of left over balloons to breathe in and sing an aria?!? Hope you enjoy a modern rendition of “Deh Vieni Non Tardar” from Le Nozze Di Figaro!

Here’s Christina’s non-helium version of the aria.

via The Daily Dot

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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