Old Toys Offer Their Limbs to Torn Plushies in Japanese Organ Donation Awareness Project

In Japan, the subject of organ donation is an often overlooked and underfunded subject, especially in the area of pediatric. In order to call attention and raise awareness to this worthy cause, a project called Second Life Toys is seeking to demonstrate how understanding of the subject can be conveyed by using toys as a metaphor. The project takes discarded and old plush animals and uses their parts to repair other plushies that that are still being used. The project asks those who would like to be involved if they either can donate toys that are no longer in use or send in a toy that needs repair.

Cherished toys that are broken. Bring them back to life with transplant for toys. …Through a special transplant operation solely done for toys, this project aims to once again infuse life to broken toys, so that the owners can play with the toys again. Toys that are brought back to life through a special operation is a metaphor for organ transplant, which connects people’s lives. At this website, we are collecting toys to receive transplant and toys to be a donor. Our hope is that, through this website and this initiative, more people will have a deeper understanding of organ transplant and actually contribute to the lives to be saved.

Second Life Toys

Second Life Cycle


Monkey's Arm

Dragons Wing

Bear's Leg

images via Second Life Toys

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