A Compassionate Man Receives a Sincere Gesture of Appreciation From the Octopus He Rescued

Grateful Octopus

While walking along the beach at Cyrene Reef, Singapore filmmaker Pei Yan Heng noticed that a tiny octopus had accidentally gotten beached during low tide and was in danger of dehydration. So as not cause any harm, Pei filled a plastic cup with water and returned the little cephalopod to the sea to rehydrate. Once fully recovered, the octopus swam up to Pei’s boot and reached out a tentacle in a moment of pure and beautiful gratitude.

Released a stranded octopus that got stuck on the sand when the tide went out in the shallow water. After recovering, the octopus moved towards my left booties and placed one of its tentacles on my booties for some time before moving off.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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