Cat Who Loves Swimming in Ocean Thinks He’s a Dog

A little orange tabby creamsicle cat named Marlin, who loves to go swimming in the ocean, thinks that he’s more dog than cat. Marlin lives in the in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his beloved humans and three canine siblings who have taught him to love the water ever since he joined the family. It all started when Marlin fell into the canal at their home.

The house is right on the canal. The dogs have steps leading in and out of the water. Marlin being so curious, he walked down one of the steps and he fell in and then there goes this kitten, just swimming in the water. This cat just swam better than any of our dogs… It didn’t bother him at all. He just shook like a dog and walked away.

Now they take Marlin with the dogs to the beach and on the boat.

..then we started taking him to the beach he would just get out and walk with the dogs he just watched everything that they did, letting the tiny tiny waves hit him. He didn’t mind the water at all.