Incredible Footage of Flooding in New York City Due to Record Setting Rainfall in a Single Day

Weather reporting filmmaker and broadcaster Jonathan Petramala captured incredible footage of the copious flood waters that invaded the New York City metro area on September 29, 2023 due to record setting rainfall in a single day.

September 29th, 2023, will be etched in New York City’s history as the day the skies opened with an unparalleled ferocity. The deluge was so intense that JFK Airport recorded its highest 24-hour rainfall since 1948, with an astonishing 8 inches pouring down.

Petramala interviewed citizens of Brooklyn and Long Island who were out in the streets that day helping neighbors and clearing out rain gutters that were clogged with debris. He also filmed cascades of water streaming into basements and garden apartments.

Brooklyn faced nature’s fury head-on, as three hours of ceaseless rain equaled an entire month’s average downpour. Witness water roaring into basements, stranded vehicles, and impassable roads that brought the Big Apple to a standstill.

Yet despite the extreme challenge of nature, it was heartening to see New Yorkers helping each other without question.

This video dives deep into the heart of the devastation, spotlighting the worst affected regions like Brooklyn and Long Island. From shattered rainfall records to streets that became rivers, experience the magnitude of NYC’s epic flood crisis.

It’s important to note that Queens, Manhattan, and The Bronx were hit just as hard.

Casey Neistat also documented the storm.

NYC is Under Water