Nyango Star, A Popular Japanese Hybrid Cat-Apple Mascot Who Plays Drums Like Namesake Ringo Starr

Nyango Star

Japanese culture is known for their amazing variety of colorful characters in their midst. One such character is Nyango Star, a costumed hybrid cat-apple mascot for the city of Kuroishi in the apple growing Aomori Prefecture.

Nyango Star is not only entertaining to watch because of his adorable antics but is also a master drummer who is happy to share his talent with the world. In fact Nyango Star was named after Ringo Starr, which is particularly appropriate for the mascot, since he’s a drummer and the word ringo means apple in Japanese.

(translated) Practice by looking at the owner’s drum, and appearing in local events. From band fellows, it is said that a name is necessary and is called a legendary drummer “Ringo Starr” from a cat and an apple drummer, “Nyango Star.”

via The Kid Should See This