Former Aeronautical Engineer Fills Handmade Notebooks With Detailed Sketches of His Travels

José Naranja is a former aeronautical engineer who decided that he wanted to see the world. So he quit his job and with notebook in hand, set out to do just that. During his travels, Naranja kept beautifully detailed sketchbooks documenting his time in each city, despite never having drawn artistically before.

So far he’s filled twelve books and even started binding his own books just for the love of doing so. Naranja also compiled some of his favorite work into a 2015 collection he called “The Orange Manuscript

After long time setting up the pages and testing, The Orange Manuscript is ready. A facsimile compiling 120 selected pages of the notebooks written during the last years. How could I define my undetermined writing? This artwork itself is a love letter to notebooks, a flight of fancy and also a part of me. A holder to keep ideas and experiences with full passion and dedication. Discover by yourself the feelings with this travel along its pages.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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