Not-a-Cat, A Unique Stuffed Animal That Looks Just Like a Curled-Up One-Eared Sleeping Cat

Vat19 (previously), the online store that sells wonderfully eccentric items, is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to produce their original idea for Not-a-Cat, a unique stuffed animal that looks just like a curled-up, one-eared sleeping cat. A perfect gift for those people who might want a cat but don’t want to commit to the mess, the allergies, or the upkeep of a real feline.

The Not-a-Cat Cat is the world’s first cat that’s not-a-cat. Pretty simple really. Is it a cat? Yeah, of course it is. It’s just not-a-cat. Still a little hazy on what the Not-a-Cat Cat is? Take a second and picture not a cat. Maybe you’ve got a tractor in mind. A tractor is not a cat. Now picture a cat. Combine those two ideas. Now you’ve got it!The Not-a-Cat Cat isn’t just a departure from the world of definable stuffed animals, it’s also a state of mind.

Don't Not Hang in There

Not-a-Cat on Chair

Not-a-Cat Illustrations

Not-a-Cat Prototypes

images via Not-a-Cat