An Angry Santa Claus Renews His Faith in Christmas in a Humorous Ad for the Norwegian Postal Service

A humorous advertisement directed by Matias & Matias for the Norwegian Postal Service features an angry Julenissen (Santa Claus) who tells his therapist that he feels become outdated and finds himself wishing for those bygone eras in which he was welcomed inside every home across the land. He lauds a time when things were more simple and blames the postal service for his downfall.

He says that this has made him feel like an “angry white man” and shares stories of his radicalization – donning a red hat, invoking “fake news”, rebuffing climate change, denying his own identity, and requesting reindeer for his dinner – all to show his unhappiness with current times.

Santa Red Hat Norway Postal Service

When the doorbell rings, however, he interrupts the session to see who’s at the door. When the postal worker hands him a stack of mail, she wishes him a “God Jul” (“Merry Christmas”). At that moment, Santa realizes that he’s still as beloved as ever before and repeats the phrase back to the postal worker with astonishment, kindness, and warmth.

Make Christmas Great Again

via Vimeo Staff Picks