Photographer Noah Kalina Ages Over the Course of 7,777 Days in a Video Using Photos Taken Every Day

Photographer Noah Kalina (previously), who embarked on his ongoing “Everyday” project in January of 2000 where he takes a single photo of himself every day, shared an update his this series at the 7,777th day mark (21 years, 3 months).

The resulting video was prepared and transformed by Michael Notter, who used a machine-learning algorithm to align the images of Noah’s face, lighten and darken the background as necessary, render images into 4K, average the aging process and make the video impeccably seamless.

Each frame in the video shows the average face of the last 60 faces. Or in other words, each frame shows the ‘average Noah’ over the last 2 months. With a video frame rate at 60Hz, this means Noah ages in this video 2 months every second, or 10 years every minute.