Photographer Noah Kalina Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day of His Life For Twenty Years (2000-2020)

For the past 20 years, photographer Noah Kalina (previously) has taken a single photo of himself every single day of his life as documented in his ongoing “Everyday” project he began on January 11 2000.

January 11, 2000 – January 11, 2020
7263 days
A Work in Progress

Everyday by Noah Kalina

Musician Carly Comando provided the soundtrack for this segment of the project, as she did in 2006.

I was honored when Noah asked me to collaborate on the 20th anniversary of his photo-documentary series. As the composer of Everyday which was used in the original video release in 2006, it’s an absolute delight to work together again in creating a soundtrack for this project. I wasn’t expecting the emotional reaction I had while scoring this, but looking back and feeling the nostalgia of spending so much time with Noah in my formative years – and seeing myself in the background in some of the footage – filled me with joy and gratitude.

Kalina, who is a pioneer of the “one photo every day” trend, had previously documented this project at the 6 year mark and then again at 12.5 years.

Kalina was the inspiration of an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer took a picture of himself every day of his life.

He also inspired the Everyday for iPhone app, which allows users to take a picture of themselves daily and upload it into a timelapse video similar to his.

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