A Picture of Homer Simpson Every Day of His Life

A scene from an episode of The Simpsons shows daily images of Homer Simpson throughout his life (39 years). The segment is a parody of Noah Kalina’s famous video “Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years”.

The video is great, but there is one small issue, The Simpsons used the song “Everyday” created by Carly Comando for the original video without finalizing the agreement to use the video or work out payment. Noah writes:

A few months back a producer from the Simpsons contacted Carly about using her song “everyday” for an upcoming episode in which they were going to parody my video. She was negotiating a rate for the song, until they never got back to her. No fee was agreed on, no contracts signed. She and I both assumed that they were no longer interested in using her song for the show. Last night the episode aired and sure enough her song is part of the show.
What’s up with that?!

I am thrilled that the Simpsons parodied me, but Carly should have been compensated.

UPDATE: Noah has posted an updated to his blog saying that one of the writers of The Simpsons contacted him and said that they are correcting the issue with the song usage.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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