Warehouse Worker Does His Best to Make a Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dance With Him While at Work

In an amusing ad for the latest iteration of the Boston Dynamics quadruped Spot, a worker at a warehouse does his best to make the four-legged robot dance while on the job. Instead, the Spot just goes about its business, ignoring the worker.

No Time To Dance Boston Dynamics Spot

After a bit, Spot and a friend decide to take a break and dance with the worker. Unfortunately, their bosses are watching.

Female boss: You think now he’ll get back to work?

Male boss:I hope so, Spot’s found a lot of things that need fixing.

In other words, Spot does more than dance and twerk.

Spot may have moves, but in the real world, the robot gets down and dirty, helping industrial teams keep their sites efficient and safe.

In fact, Spot has undergone quite a few upgrades since its introduction to the public.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen our customers make huge strides in what they’ve been able to accomplish with Spot – including collecting thousands of data points to drive predictive maintenance models, building comprehensive digital twins of their construction sites, and keeping workers away from dangerous or hazardous situations.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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