A Dizzying Timelapse Shot From a Helicopter Captures the Bustling Beauty of New York City

NYC Timelapse

In the third episode of their “A Taste of…” series, filmmakers Thomas Pöcksteiner, Peter Jablonowski and Lorenz Pritz of FilmSpektakel left their Austrian hometown of Vienna to visit New York City. In doing so, they captured it uniquely beautiful, fast-paced bustle in a dizzying timelapse shot from a helicopter that encompassed 10 days and 65,000 photos.

In September 2016 we visited this awesome city to try out some new time lapse stuff.
It took us 10 days, a lot of burgers and one helicopter ride to produce this video. 10 days is very little time to discover this city of endless opportunities, so we hardly slept anything and shot day and night for this time lapse film. The city that never sleeps indeed!

Changing Taxis NYC Timelapse