Improv Everywhere Turns a Raft in the Middle of The East River Into ‘NYC’s Most Socially Distanced Office’

Charlie Todd and the NYC comedy collective Improv Everywhere, (previously) who in the past turned abandoned phone kiosks in Manhattan into private outdoor workspaces, worked with Tideland Institute to create “New York’s Most Socially Distanced Office”. This ingenious floating desk, which was equipped with all the proper office accoutrements including a water cooler, bobbed around in the East River in between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The employee was brought to the office via an official “DOB” shuttle boat.

For our latest mission, we created New York’s most socially distanced office in the middle of the East River. The floating office included a water cooler, a battery-powered computer with working internet, and a variety of contemporary office furniture. Workers were transported to the office by a shuttle boat at Brooklyn’s Main Street Park

What made this all the more hilariously apropos was the fact that the employee was participating in a Zoom meeting while out on the river.

NYC Most Socially Distant Office

Needless to say, this was quite a sight to behold, even for the most jaded of New Yorkers

I feel like that would quell some New York anxiety.

Socially Distanced Office Sanitized

Socially Distanced Office Brooklyn Bridge

Socially Distanced Office Visitors

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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