Brooklyn Hipsters Race to Get to Manhattan During L Train Shutdown in ‘Escape From HelL’ Board Game

Brooklyn multimedia artist Hunter Fine and writer Gil Arevalo have created “Escape From HelL”, a hilarious board game that pits hipsters from Williamsburg against one another in a race to be the first to arrive in Manhattan. Normally, this would be very simple to accomplish, however the singular L train, upon which many Brooklynites rely to get to work, will be going out of service in 2019 for 15 months (that’s one year and three months, people!) in order to undergo repairs. The challenge for players is to find the fastest way to Manhattan by alternative means of public transit during a busy morning commute.

This board game lets players experience the hell of trying to get to Manhattan from Williamsburg in Spring 2019 when the L train shuts down. The morning commute struggle will be real – and this coping mechanism will help you find the humor in the pain.

Fine and Arevalo are raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring an affordable version of the game to market.

We’re raising funds to get the price down so we can produce a full run of the game. If we make 100 games, the cost reduces dramatically for the order and everyone can pick up an affordable copy. The game is already illustrated and prototyped. We just need pre-orders to make it a reality. Also once we have our target, we’ll also be able to get the box art.

Escape From HelL

Escape From HelL Player Cards

Escape From HelL Up Close

Escape From HelL Ice Machine

Escape From HelL Player Cards

Thanks David Klass!