A New Lighter Twinkling Stars Skirt With Brighter LEDs to Ensure the Stars Will Be Out When It’s Worn

Sparkling Starry Skirt By ThinkGeek

In September 2016 we wrote about the Twinkling Stars Skirt by ThinkGeek a wonderful piece of clothing that ensures the stars will be out whenever it’s being worn. Since that time, this sparkly skirt has undergone some improvements to make it lighter and easier to wear They’ve replaced the long string of lights with LED wire mesh and built a smaller battery box that can be more easily hidden.

This skirt will put a twinkle in your step. Equipped with tiny LEDs, this skirt shines when you turn those lights on or set them to one of the 6 twinkling modes.

Twinkling Stars Skirt.

Twinkling Stars Skirt

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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