NESPi, A Homemade Miniature 3D-Printed Nintendo Emulator Powered by a Raspberry Pi


Maker Daft Mike has created the NESPi, a homemade miniature 3D-printed Nintendo Entertainment System emulator powered by a Raspberry Pi, and he detailed his project in a post on his blog.¬†Just like the original NES, the NESPi uses cartridges, but in Daft Mike’s build miniature games contain NFC chips to tell the emulator which game to load.

Mike began work on his project several weeks ago, before it was officially announced that Nintendo would be releasing their own NES-inspired miniature emulator.

NESPi and NES Side by Side

NESPi and NES Comparison

NESPi Cartridges and Originals

NESPi Raspberry Pi and NFC Module

photos via Daft Mike

via Kotaku