The Enduring Popularity of Mullets in Australia

Emily Ackew of ABC Australia reported on the enduring popularity of the mullet hairstyle in Australia, spotlighting Mitch White and his father Bevan, both with matching mullets and a midwife named Lisa Wright who maintains her mullet even though it can sometimes get in the way.

I guess you don’t see many midwives with mullets. So I think it is a bit unusual in in my line of work. It only gets a bit tricky if I have to go to theater and I’m trying to put my hair up into the theater hat and it sort of hangs out and escapes.

Ackew also went to the 2023 Mulletfest in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, where Mitch White won the category of “Everyday Mullet” and Lisa Wright won for “Rookie Mullet”.

Mullet Winner
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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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